Fitting the Pieces Together

Have you ever tried to put a massive puzzle together without the box to guide you? I think it would be well nigh impossible. Every piece of the puzzle has a specific place where it is meant to fit in the larger design. The church is not so different. We are all pieces of a bigger picture. The question is, what is the picture and where do we fit?

For the last three years we have corporately devoted the month of June to intentional prayer and fasting. We have sought God for many things during these designated times, and many of those specific prayers have received specific answers. Last year, in obedience to His command we asked God to send us laborers for His harvest. This is a prayer we have prayed often, and this is a prayer God has answered. Crestwood has been uniquely blessed with a collective body willing to go where God leads and do what God commands. A large percentage of our body is actively involved in some form of organized church ministry. For this we should be especially grateful.

Furthermore, we have not only been blessed with loyal and willing followers, we have been blessed with insightful and gifted leaders. I know I say it often, but I do not know if we really realize what God has done for us. We have been blessed with six men called to and gifted for the ministry.  Over fifteen percent of our active congregation have been given the gift of teaching. What is most interesting to me about this, is not only are these teachers obviously gifted, they are very gifted.

We know from the scripture that every member of the body is gifted for service in the body. We tend to focus on the speaking gifts, but the serving gifts are of equal importance. It’s obvious God has woven our local body together for a specific purpose. It is time we get serious about discovering what that purpose is. Beyond our gifted body we have been blessed with a large facility, parts of which remain almost totally unused. God has seen our church through difficult days in the past and has strengthened us to become a growing thriving church.

All our financial and physical needs have been met with blessings to spare. It is obvious that God has favored us. Now, I want to know why. I know the chief answer to the why is simply that He is good, but I am convinced there is more to it than that. God has a purpose for His church and a purpose for every individual in His church. I want to know what that purpose is. We could attempt to do many things for the Kingdom of God, but I would much rather do the one thing God has designed us to do for the sake of His kingdom.

Therefore, I would like to ask you to join me this month in praying and fasting for answers to two questions. What is His purpose for our church and where do I fit in the bigger picture? I believe God has given us the pieces, but we need His wisdom in putting them together. It may be that there are still some scattered pieces that He must bring to us before the whole puzzle can be complete. It may be that some pieces need to be turned around so that they can fit where they belong. No matter the case, we need His leadership in putting the puzzle together. I think it would be somewhat arrogant of us to assume we can ever completely understand the God’s whole plan, but I also think it would be foolish and faithless of us not to ask for directions in putting the puzzle together one piece at a time. Again, I ask you to pray and fast for direction on these two questions: What is God’s purpose for our church and how do I fit in the bigger picture?

In Christ Alone,

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