On Sunday, July 18, 1920, the Alexander Mission was born in home of Mr. and  Mrs. J.S. Lawrence. The Alexander Mission grew, and on September 12, 1920, God blessed the congregation with a one-room building located on the corner of East 25th Street and Manchester Avenue. Soon, The Alexander Mission became known as the East 25th Street Baptist Church. Reverend E.A. Cohn was called to be the first pastor of this new church.

The congregation soon outgrew the one-room building. It was torn down in 1920, and a new building was constructed. God continued to bless this little church on East 25th Street, and in 1935 four classrooms were added. A Pastorium, adjacent to the church, was purchased in 1954. The small church that began in the Lawrence’s home continued to serve the community for thirty-eight years under the leadership of Pastor W.B. Cone.

In February 1958, the current location at 530 Motor Road was purchased. A ground breaking ceremony was held on April 26, 1958. The congregation voted to change the name of the church to Crestwood Baptist Church in May of 1958. The Ervin Building Company began the construction of Crestwood Baptist Church in July 1958, and it is still the beautiful facility we enjoy today. The first service was held on October 5, 1958, officiated by the Reverend W.B. Cone.

In 1960, a major construction project began with the building of the educational wing. The wing was completed in 1965, and a Child Care Ministry was organized and served the community for several years, until the early 1990’s.

The Fellowship Hall was added in 1969, and continues to serve the congregation. The “heart of Crestwood” is our beautiful sanctuary, which was built in 1974. Reverend Stanley Webb was the first pastor to hold a service in the new Sanctuary.

The Media Center was added in 1981, followed by the construction of the maintenance building in 1984.

God has blessed us with growth and longevity. We praise Him and give Him all the glory for  the wonderful place we call our church home!