Prayer and Fasting, Week 1

For the last several years, Crestwood has taken the month of June as a month of Prayer and Fasting. This year will be no different. June will be dedicated to seeking God’s will in all we do, and asking Him for some very specific things we need at His church. In conjunction with the staff and other leaders of the church, we have come up with four very specific things I want you to join with me each week and asking God to send to Crestwood. I have included a scripture reference, the reason I feel the need is so important and the need itself.

Week #1 June 2-8
“Pray for repentance in our own hearts.”

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

Redemption must begin in us if it is ever to flow out of us. The greatest producer of false narratives is not the media; it is the deceitful press of our own hearts. Take this week to pray that God would reveal areas and attitudes of your life that need to change. Ask Him for the wisdom to know your own faults, ask Him for a willing spirit to accept what He reveals, and seek Him for the strength necessary to make changes. Repentance is not something we can work up, it is something that He must send down. A spirit of repentance is always contagious; let it begin in you. Let it flow through you. Let it flow out of you.

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