Find Crestwood, Find Home…A Testimonial

In August 2000, our family moved back to our hometown of Winston Salem after 25+ years of serving in churches throughout North Carolina and Washington DC. Because church is important to us, the first action we took after getting situated into our new home was to begin visiting local churches in search of our new place to worship and serve.

Over several weeks, Dave and I visited different churches. We knew what we wanted in a church, and though we visited many fine congregations, we just weren’t finding that special place we desired to call “home.”

The day we visited Crestwood Baptist Church, we knew our search was over.

Dave had heard about the church from a friend, and though they were without a full-time pastor, he still wanted to visit there. His friend had given a glowing report about the spirit of the church family at Crestwood, and Dave wanted to check it out.

The report was not wrong.  As we walked into the building, we were  immediately impressed by a warmth and good spirit which permeated the air. Dave and I were greeted by Elsie, a self-appointed greeter and a woman with the gift of hospitality. She showed us to the nursery, where we deposited our grandson into the capable hands of Ruth and Allen, and then we settled down in the sanctuary to worship.

During the service, Elsie sat with us (a habit she continued for many weeks), and during the morning greeting time, many of the members of Crestwood made their way to us to shake our hands and speak.  The Spirit of God was active in the service. The pastor preached the Word with conviction, the music was worshipful, and the sanctuary was beautiful. When the service ended, Dave and I left knowing that we need look no further for a church in which to serve. We became active members a couple months after our initial visit, and 17 years later we haven’t changed our minds. The atmosphere is still as warm and loving as the first day we visited.

Friend, if you are searching for a church home and family, if you are praying for folks who will love you and care for you, Crestwood Baptist is the church for you. We invite you to join us for worship at 11am each Sunday morning.

The Crestwood family loves Jesus.  We are a praying church, and we are currently in a time of renewal and growth. All we are missing is you! Come, join us for worship and find your new church “home.”

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Claudette Wood

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