Children’s Ministries

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Our TeamKid program is a wonderful and unique blend of activity, discipleship, interactive learning, and Bible memory skills. Each meeting is filled with practical and Biblically sound activities that are carried out in a club setting atmosphere and done in a fun and interesting way. Each week the schedule includes:

Warm-Up (Introductory Activity)
Workout (Group Study)
Stretching (Activity Book and Prayer Time)

Tournament (Games and Activities)
Cool Down (Refreshments and Conclusion) 

It is our earnest desire to partner with our parents in helping to progress the spiritual development of each child. Our prayer is that all that we do will help lead our children to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. If that decision has already been made in their lives, we pray that all we do in TeamKids will nurture and strengthen their new faith and their walk with the Lord for years to come.

Other activities that we include in our TeamKid program are:
TeamKids on Mission     TeamKid Choir    TeamKid Puppet Ministry

TeamKids meet each Wednesday evening at 7pm.

We love and welcome our children to be a part of our services at Crestwood but we also know they thrive and flourish when they can participate in their own services as well. We offer Children’s Worship twice a month for Kindergarten-5th Grade. After their Sunday School hour, they proceed to Children’s Worship where they have a room that is set up to mimic the adult services. There they participate in a variety of activities that involve worship, music, Bible lessons, and application activities that relate to each lesson. All the lessons help bring Bible stories to life and the day’s truth home in a way kids will understand. Fun music videos with motions lift hearts and hands to God. Cool arts and crafts bring focus to and on the Creator. Worship KidStyle lets kids worship like kids!

Crestwood offers a five-evening Vacation Bible School each year during the summer months. Children ages Nursery-5th Grade come each evening—first for dinner and then on to our Chapel for the Opening Worship time. From there they proceed to their classes, where wonderful and loving teachers lead them in a variety of creative and fun ways to learn and apply life lessons taken from God’s Word.

Watch our website for Vacation Bible School times and dates!