Melody Vaughn – Worship Director

Melody is the Director of Music at Crestwood. She has held that position for over 34 years and considers it an honor and a blessing to be a part of the Crestwood family. Melody was also the Children’s Ministry Director for 14 years, a position she was blessed to hold because of her love for teaching children. In addition, Melody is one of the co-hosts of the Morning JoyRide on Joy FM radio and has worked in some capacity with the station for over 13 years.

Melody and her husband, Gary, have been married 35 wonderful years. She is the mom of two great kids – Lindsey, a school teacher at Salem Baptist Christian School and married to Pastor Benjamin; and Steven, an airline mechanic for American Airlines and married to Stephanie, the love of his life.  Melody considers her family to be the absolute joy of her life.

Melody’s interests include sports, reading, music, food (cooking and eating), movies, enjoying wonderful friendships, and of course her favorite thing – laughter.

Melody is so very grateful for the life that God has given to her and trusted her with. Life has taught her some valuable lessons along the way, and she is thankful for a loving Savior that has guided her through it all.

You may reach Melody in the church office Tuesday through Thursday, from 9am-3pm; or you may email her at