From the Missions Director

Hello All,

This is an exciting time for the Missions Team and our church. First, an update on our Dental Bus Ministry that took place on July 13th: we were able to serve 14 patients. All of these patients required more than one extraction and/or filling. All those served asked me to express their gratitude to the church for having helped them with a painful situation. We had four dentists help us–Dr. Patrick Michel, Dr. Bruce Wham, Dr. Suzanne Newsome, and Dr. Angela Cassar. Each dentist brought an assistant as well. Stanleyville Family Pharmacy  worked with us again this year to help keep the costs down for pre- and post procedure medications. If you have an opportunity to visit one of these dentists or the Pharmacy, please express your thanks on behalf of Crestwood for their continued dedication to our Dental Bus Ministry.

Many thanks also to those who helped with paperwork and check-in: Billie Owen, Charlene Morton, and Shirley Lunsford. We thank our dentists with a delicious home-baked cake. This year’s cakes were baked by Tammy Burchette, Edith Baker, Linda Rhoades, and Linda Brown.  Carolyn Pope helped behind the scenes getting some of the details squared away. We are grateful for all those who prayed, and/or gave to support the Dental Bus. Last but not least, many thanks to Libby Cox. The woman is a machine! She cooked the volunteer meal the day of the dental bus. The dentists have come to refer to this as the “Last Supper” because it is SO good they could die happy! Apologies to anyone I have failed to mention. I sincerely thank you all for your kindness and help.

Crestwood has a new  and exciting project that we have accepted from the Pilot Mountain Baptist Association. After much thought and prayer, Pastor Ben and I agreed that Crestwood should become the new location for the North Forsyth Toy Store. This will be a big undertaking, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to reach the community around us.

I feel God is giving us a way where there was none. The Toy Store was previously located at Bethany Baptist Church. Karen Taylor, along with the ladies of Bethany, have been  fantastic in helping us to get things transferred and giving help and advice. They will remain volunteers at the Toy Store this year (and many more I hope).  This Toy Store is the largest of the Baptist Toy Stores and serves a larg area. Bethany brought over a load of toys to us, and the PMBA has agreed to give us $1000.00 to purchase extra toys. Crestwood will apply for this to be an annual gift from the PMBA to offset costs of the Toy Store. There have also been 19 other churches that were involved with this ministry when it was at Bethany. We will reach out to those churches and ask for their continued support. Please begin now to pray for not only our Toy Store, but for the five other Toy Stores that will serve communities throughout Forsyth, Stokes and Davie Counties. Please support the Toy Store through monetary donations designated to “Toy Store,” or purchase toys ranging in value from $10-$30. Toys will go to children ages 3 years to 14 years old. We will have two sign-up dates for families in need on September 28th (9am-3pm) and October 12th (9am-3pm). If you need help, or know someone who needs help, please have them contact me in the church office. There will be NO exceptions to these sign up dates. The Toy Store will be open on December 7th to distribute toys. I will need volunteers for the December 7th date. If you’d like to help, please let me know. I am very excited about this new mission and feel like God has a plan to use this to help get us get in contact with some of our neighbors.

The Back to School Drive is going on NOW! You will notice some baskets by the bell in the church foyer to place your new school supplies in for the Mineral Springs Elementary and Middle Schools. If you prefer, you can give money to Paula Collins and she will shop for you. This is a much-needed ministry in our area. Most children in our neighborhood live at or below the poverty level. We want kids to have the right equipment to learn and become productive citizens.

Last but not least, the Bread of Life Food Pantry items for this month are: canned meats, mac & cheese, and dish soap.

Thank you for all you support!

Angie Stewart, Mission Director

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