Crestwood participates in several local, national, and international missions. On the local front, we offer a variety of services through our church and the Pilot Mountain Baptist Association.

Bread of Life Food Pantry – helps families in the community with food who fail to meet government qualifications for assistance. This ministry is a wonderful way to help end hunger in our neighborhood. The Pilot Mountain Baptist Association, located at 407 Petree Road, Winston Salem NC 27106, (336.830.8189) annually hosts food pantry  events. For details of the next event, click on the Bread of Life link above to visit the PMBA’s website.

Dental Bus Ministry – this is one of Crestwood’s most popular ministries. We sponsor the Dental Bus annually through the Baptist Men of the Southern Baptist Convention. The bus offers free dental care, including fillings and extractions to those who do not have dental insurance, and is staffed by local dentists and dental assistants who volunteer their services. 

In 2019, the Dental Bus Ministry is planned for September 27, from 8:30am-4:30pm. If you or someone you know needs help with a dental related problem, perhaps we can help. The Dental Bus Ministry has the capability to do extractions and fillings. The Dental Bus DOES NOT do cleanings or dentures. All patients are x-rayed before their procedure and the procedure is performed by a licensed dentist who gives of his/her time and talent to help those in need. To qualify for the Dental Bus you must : be in need of dental treatment, must NOT have dental insurance or the means to pay for dental care elsewhere, and have an appointment on our Dental Bus.

Two weeks prior to the Dental Bus (September 13), we will hold a Dental Bus Screening. On this day, patients will come, and qualified dental personnel will check patients to determine if their need can be handled on the bus and who would be the best dentist to see them. At that time, the patient receives their appointment time. The patient may also receive pre-op meds as sometimes an infection has set in and needs to be cleared before it is safe to extract teeth. Stanleyville Family Pharmacy has provided pre-op medications for our dental bus for little to no cost for the last several years. If you have an opportunity, please express your gratitude to them. If you have further questions or would like to volunteer for this wonderful ministry, please contact Angie Stewart, Special Projects Coordinator, at 336-767-0096.

Northeast Toy StoreOn December 7, 2019, Crestwood will host our 2nd annual Northeast Toy Store. Last year we were blessed with the opportunity to take on this ministry from the PMBA and Bethany Baptist Church. We welcome all donations of new and unwrapped toys, so that we may help families in need.  Please consider how you may help with this important ministry. You may also send monetary gifts, designated to the Toy Store, and we will purchase gifts and gift cards as needed. For more information, please contact Angie Stewart, Toy Store Coordinator, at 336-767-0096. Thank you!

 Change4Change program – throughout our church we have placed piggy banks into which church members drop their loose change. In addition, all loose change dropped in the offering plate is collected. Each fall, we use these donations to help a family in need.