Truth Seekers – Middle School

The Truth-Seekers class is for middle school boys and girls. This age group is in the midst of some very critical years as they begin to refine their spiritual knowledge and beliefs. It is also a crucial age for applying their biblical knowledge more fully in social relationships.

Sunday mornings (9:45am)
The Truth Seekers class seeks to develop a clearer understanding of how God’s Word (Bible) instructs all Christians to live. Due to the energy levels of these younger youth, the teachers try to include learning activities and special events in their curriculum.

The class is taught by Dave Wood and Sam Fuller. Dave spends a great amount of time with his three active grandsons. This gives him a helpful understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by youth. He is also a former pastor (35 years) who has spent decades striving to understand and teach the Scriptures accurately. Sam Fuller is a father of four children that range from 7 to 17 years of age. He has a great rapport with the class members, and the students respect and admire Sam greatly.

Wednesday Nights (7pm) help us grow closer to each other and our community. Through purpose-driven games, short devotions, and team building activities, students join together to wind down from the pressures of the week. This mid-week gathering of Truth Seekers is led by Melody Vaughn. Melody has been active in the children and youth ministries for more than 20 years, and is loved and respected by all the youth she reaches.

Missions are a huge focus at Crestwood and in our youth department. We have recurring missions projects with a local nursing home, as well as larger projects throughout the year. Through our missions projects, students learn about the needs of our community and how they can use their talents and strengths to meet them.

Summer Camp is an important part of the spiritual lives of our Middle School and High School students. Each year, they attend a one-week camp through Mission Fuge, where students volunteer in the communities surrounding the MFuge camp location. In addition to serving the community, students engage in creative worship experiences, regular quiet time, and extreme games!

Special Activities are extra plans made throughout the year to have fun together. These activities may include lock-ins, concerts, scavenger hunts, and other outings chosen by the students. Many of these events are combined with B.I.G. F.I.S.H., but Truth Seekers will also participate in age-focused events specific to their interests.