Healing Ministries

Healing Ministries is an urban church plant to East Winston-Salem that began and is supported through Crestwood Baptist Church outreach ministry. Its founder is Gregory Jones.

The purpose of Healing Ministries is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to bring healing to the spiritual, educational, economic, relational, and societal brokenness that plagues our community. Our ministry engages the lost in the communities of high crime, drugs, gangs, and violence with the message that Christ alone is the solution to every struggle and Jesus is only way to salvation.

Watch this short video in which Pastor Gregory shares his testimony and how God worked to being him to his current ministry:

Our Programs

Community Bible Studies are conducted each week by Healing Ministries for adults in East Winston at Sunrise Towers and Patterson Avenue.

Girls of Virtue is a discipleship ministry for at-risk girls ages 8-17. This ministry works with our girls to show what it means to grow be a virtuous woman according to the Bible. Each week our girls are taught what it means to be fearfully and wonderfully made. We offer fun fellowship opportunities like girls’ day out, movie nights, and girls-only spiritual retreats facilitate their relationship with God.

Healing Ministries Food Pantry provides substantive healthy food to families and individuals in need. We provide fresh and canned vegetables and fruit, fresh meats, toiletries, and household items. Our food pantry operates the last two Thursdays of each month.

Young Men of Character is a discipleship ministry that engages at risk boys ages 10-17. This ministry shares the gospel to our young men seven days per week and provides a safe place away from the enticement and influence of crime, gangs, drugs, and violence. Each week we offer fun fellowship opportunities such as Bible, movie and wing nights, bowling, and skating. We offer educational field trips and retreats to help deepen their relationship with Christ. During the summer, we offer our paid internship.

Learning For Success ministry serves as a Christian afterschool program that provides tutoring, homework assistance, a hot meal, and a Bible lesson to our students struggling academically. During the summer months, the ministry serves as a reading and math program to help our students retain what they learned during the school year and give a head start for the upcoming year.

Neighborhood Missions serves to bring the gospel to entire communities using special events. These include our Gospel Block Parties, pop-up Bible studies, snack and pray time, and cool off with Jesus and ice cream events. Each event targets communities with exceedingly high crime and brings a fun Christian setting to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.